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Affiliate Program
The Rebuilt Crate Engines Affiliate Terms

Thank you for considering the Rebuilt Crate Engines Affiliate Program. For your site to be considered for this program, it must be targeted at the automotive enthusiast market. To maintain the integrity of our site, we reserve the right to reject any application for any reason. By putting a link on your website to your affiliate account, you agree by these terms. We reserve the right to change these terms or conditions at any time.

In exchange for you linking to our site, we will provide you with 2% of each engine sold via your link or if your name is mentioned when a telephone order is placed. Currently, you will only be able to track online orders via our affiliate system. We are working on adding the ability to track phone orders, but do not have a scheduled date for that feature to be released. However, you WILL receive credit for these sales on your affiliate payment.

We can track an online order from someone that clicks on your link for up to 30 days after they visit the link. As a result, if they click from your site to ours, and place an order several weeks later you still get credit!

We will send out checks for affiliate sales the first week of each month for sales occuring during the previous month. You will not receive commision for any order that is cancelled or refunded for any reason.

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